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  Monuments: Uprights, bevels and flat markers, using the best granites from around the world  

Upright Example

Bevel Example

Flat Example
  Other Granite Products: Pet monuments, granite house numbers, landscaping granite and countertops  
  Cremation Monuments: Monuments which contain ashes  
  Computer Layouts: at no extra charge we provide computer scaled layouts for you to see and approve  
  Monument Sub-Bases:  if no room on existing monument  to add an inscription  



  Memorial Photo Pictures: Fully guaranteed and installed  

  Etchings: Hand and Laser etchings  

Hand Etching

Laser Etching

  Dedication Plaques: in granite and bronze  

  Donor Walls:  

  Wide selection of designs and graphics:  
  Signs and Landmark Cairns:  

    Custom Designs and lettering
    Inscriptions (inscribing lettering/dates on existing monuments/markers)
    Restoring old monuments


    Cleaning and leveling of monuments
    Custom sandblasting and saw cutting
    Evening and weekend appointments to meet with families to design a monument