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      For a permanent memorial, granite is without question the best choice of material.  It is hard, heavy, durable and elegant.  Although naturally occurring granite stones or boulders can be used, most monuments are crafted from specially quarried granite
of known "monument grade" quality; free of faults, voids, deleterious minerals. 

     In choosing a monument, it is important to be aware of any cemetery regulations and possible future interments (or cremations) that might affect monument design. 

Listed below are the basic design considerations:



STYLE  basic kind of monument; flat marker, bevel marker, regular upright monument, custom monument (square, curved sides or top, round, heart, double heart, traditional, custom; almost any shape imaginable... ) See our products page for examples

SIZE; appropriate length and width for the amount and type of engraving desired, also must meet plot and cemetery size regulations, if any.  The standard width "thickness" is 6 inches; length and height are usually a matter of preference

COLOURcolor does not affect durability of monumental grade granite, but darker colors tend to provide more contrast for lettering, with the dark, finer grained granites being best for detailed etchings.

FINISH; polished front and back.  The sides may be of natural rock or polished sides. Finish should be according to personal taste or preference; it has no affect on the quality or durability of the granite.

LAYOUT; arrangement of lettering and designs on the monument.  We provide a computer scaled layout for you to see and approve.  (Portage Memorials includes this work at no extra charge)

ETCHINGS; highly detailed design work such as photo-reproductions or original drawings attached to or etched directly on the polished granite.  This can be done by hand or laser etchings.

ACCESSORIES TO PERSONALIZE; you may add a memorial photo, etchings of their farm, car or per, cast bronze accents, vases, etc.

        Fortunately, it is not necessary to be overly concerned about all these items. 

      Most decisions are made almost intuitively during the course of designing a monument.  We list them all individually here simply to serve as a reference to additional information.  

       If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:
 857-3681, toll-free 1-866-857-3681, info@portagememorials.ca or visit us at 125 3rd Street NE, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (across from the Firehall) to see our indoor/outdoor monument display and we’ll be pleased to assist you.


Information to Know Before Ordering a Memorial

  • Any cemetery regulations and possible future interments (or cremations) that might affect monument design
  • Who will be buried on what side of the memorial? (Double Memorials)
  • Write down all names and dates and other information you may want to be carved into the monument. Click here for example of epitaphs
  • Think about the designs you would like on your memorial. With use of computers, the possibilities are endless.